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Carma Recommends the I Create My Body Program » Exercise

Why Do I Tense Up When I Box?


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 12-07-2010

Weight: 224.4
WiiFit Age: 25
Waist: 38

This is the second time I’ve noticed this happen. I do a boxing workout too many times in a row, having a great time, and then all exercise must stop for a day or two because of the intense upper back and neck tension causing paralyzing headaches.

Erg. I’m having such a great time with the boxing workouts … but I guess I get so focused on making that punch I tense up my upper back. So I can’t do them day after day. I have to space them out.

Oh well, I really should be alternating between upper and lower body workouts anyway.

I Can Feel New Muscles!


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 01-07-2010

NOTE: My computer’s hard drive started to die today, so I’m writing this from my iPad today.

The other night, my husband and I played bowling and frisbee golf on the Wii Sorts Resort game. The next day, my right arm was so sore. In fact, it still is sore.

But the thing that really stands out for me is how muscular my forearm has become.

I’ve never felt muscle there before. That’s pretty cool!

And not only there. I’m starting to notice increased muscle tone in my legs, biceps and abs. Yes, there is still a layer of adipose over that muscle, but increased muscle mass means increased metabolic rate, as well as reduced inches.

All is right with the word and I feel very good. As my I Create My Body Lesson suggests … 210lbs here I come!

Going for the Cookie


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 28-06-2010

Weight: 228.4
WiiFit Age: 22
Waist: 39

Back when I had my first Mac, I had a game called Shanghai II. It was a matching game using Mah Jong tiles. The tiles would be stacked in a pattern and if you matched all of them, you got a fortune cookie.

I relished getting that cookie.

I would play that game over and over just to get that cookie.

The tiles were three dimensional. I would play so long I would see non-dimensional things in 3D. I’d be reading a book and the words would seem to pop out of the page. It was almost like an addiction.

Eventually, I upgraded my computer and the game no longer worked. I miss it, but that’s O.K.

So why am I sharing this?

Because I’ve noticed that I’m having the same kinds of feelings about the island cycling game on WiiFit Plus.

I believe it’s because of the flags.

You cycle around the island and tag flags. Once you’ve tagged them all, you go back to the finish line. The faster you accomplish the task, the better your score.

I keep trying to beat my score. It can be quite addictive.

Today I kind of tanked because I kept falling in the river while trying to jump it to save time. Erg.

Walking at a different time


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 13-06-2010

Weight: 228.8lbs
WiiFit Age: 31

Yesterday, the temperature dropped enough that I went for both a morning and afternoon walk.

It is amazing how different the neighborhood looks in the afternoon.

In the morning, I see a lot of cats, doves and pigeons. In the afternoon, mostly sparrows.

In the morning, there are very few people (I’m usually walking around 7am). In the afternoon, many a front porch sported one or more people taking in the lovely day.

Also, when I walk, I usually have my mp3 player on. This time I brought my husband … I thought it would be rude to put on the headphones with him there. 😉 So the feeling of the walk was different, too. I spent some of the time pointing out the things that I usually saw. And he spent some of the time commenting on the things he noticed about our neighborhood … things I hadn’t thought about.

It made for an interesting walk.

A Relaxing Swim


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 11-06-2010

Weight: 228.6
WiiFit Age: 37

Yesterday, for my afternoon workout, I chose to go for a swim in my apartment complex’s pool. It has been so long since I’ve gone swimming, I’d forgotten how relaxing it can be.

In fact, for me, swimming is almost like having a Long Island Ice Tea … without getting drunk.

I mean, I was so relaxed I could barely stay awake…

I could barely rub two brain cells together…

I practically slurred my speech!

And I went to bed early, too.

That was nice.

I’ll have to go swimming more often … but make sure I don’t need to do anything afterward.

Embracing the Warrior Within


Posted by Carma | Posted in Emotions, Exercise, Mindset | Posted on 08-06-2010

Weight: 228.4lbs
WiiFit Age: 31

When I first started toying around with Yoga a few years ago, I fell in love with the Warrior Pose. It started with Kathy Smith’s Personal Trainer DVD. The routine was challenging for me but I loved the way the Warrior post felt.

Later I also tried out Yoga Zone’s DVDs and eventually got Suzanne Deason’s Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD.

Each and every time I came upon the Warrior pose … in any of it’s three variations … I was smitten.

One of the yoga poses that is part of the WiiFit and WiiFit Plus programs is the Warrior II post. I make sure I do that one at least once a day.

When I am fully focused in the pose, I feel powerful … like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I feel like I am poised, I am strong, I am ready and capable to take on any challenge that comes my way.

Interestingly enough, the pose has a somewhat violent origin. It comes from scenes in as story about Shiva’s vengeance on his wife’s death. You can read about it here.

That said, as much as I’m a non-violent person, I do understand the pure physical power that can come from warrior training. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with Jack Hoban, who is both a respected martial arts practitioner and a leadership speaker. He told me about the concept of being an ethical warrior … be protector first, only resorting to violence when more peaceful tactics don’t work. Basically, “the Ethical Warrior protects and defends his life, the life of others, and all life if possible.”

Maintaining a healthy body is a holistic undertaking … requiring focus on body, mind and soul. That’s why I really like the approach taken with the I Create My Body program. It helps you cultivate the mindset that naturally and easily sets you on the path to doing all the right things for your body. Within a week or so of starting the program I already noticed a shift in my food cravings … and I hadn’t even tried to do that.

Apparently … I don’t got rhythm


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 07-06-2010

Weight: 228.0lbs
WiiFit Age: 40

You may notice that I’ve lost 3.3lbs since yesterday. Trust me … you don’t want to do it the way I did.

My IBS flared up and I pretty much emptied my colon. Still not feeling so good, but I think the worst is over.

You may also notice that my WiiFit Age is much closer to my real age than usual. This is in part to the new tests that come with the WiiFit Plus — in addition to testing your physical balance, they also test your mental acuity. Today, I had to compare a number to another. If it was larger, I was supposed to squat. At first, no problem. Then they started covering the numbers so I had to remember what was there before. Ack! I was not prepared for that at 7am in the morning!

So, I think there is going to be a learning curve with the new system.

A case in point. One of the new exercises included in the WiiFit Plus is Rhythm Kung Fu. It doesn’t show you all the moves before getting started, so it took me several tries before I figured out one of them was two-hand punch. I kept missing it and a ceramic pot would land on my avatar’s head.

After several attempts, I’m now able to get through the game without the pot landing on my head and I’ve finally unlocked the Advanced version. But I’m not going to try it until I can raise my score on the Beginner version.

Weight Confusion


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise, Mindset | Posted on 05-06-2010

Weight: 230.2lbs
WiiFit Age: 29

Yesterday we went and got our replacement Wii Balance Board. It came with the newer “game” WiiFit Plus, which is loads of fun. In fact, I tested out many of the new games last night and discovered that I still pretty much suck at balance games. Erg.

Anyway, this morning I did a little experiment and weighed myself on both the scale I’d been using for the past week or so and the WiiFit.

The demon-possessed scale still says I weigh 229lbs, just as it has been saying since Tuesday morning.

The WiiFit, as you can see from above, says that I gained .7lbs from my last logged weight and weigh 230.2lbs. As mentioned earlier, I switched to using the “Other” mode which neither adds nor subtracts from the weight.

Now there there are a couple of ways I can look at this:

1. I can pay attention to what the scale said and focus on the loss and regaining of 3lbs during this two-week break.

2. I can pay attention to what the WiiFit says and focus on the fact that in two weeks of moving and having to eat out, I pretty much maintained my weight and only gained a little over half a pound.

I’m choosing option 2. Option 1 is too dependent on a possessed scale and is more pessimistic. I choose to focus on the good things so I can have more of them.

Besides, with all the heavy lifting I’ve been doing it is quite possible that the weight gain was in muscle!

That said, the WiiFit Plus has a place where I can record my waist measurement. So, I’m going to go dig up my measuring tape and start recording that measurement at regular intervals, either weekly, bimonthly or monthly.

Do you measure? How often?

Two days left to go …


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 30-05-2010

Weight: 226.5

Today we should be able to get the last of the stuff out of the old apartment and start cleaning. I’ve already cleaned one of the bedrooms and closed it off yesterday.

Despite all the stuff I’ve let go through the years, I still have a lot of stuff. My 5’x5′ storage is about 2/3 full (to the ceiling) and we’re a bit crammed in this 1BR apartment. But it is all good because I will soon be leaving for Los Angeles and following my dreams.

And, of course, all the lugging and heaving and packing and cleaning is giving me a good muscle toning workout. It feels good.

On that note, I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about taking up some form of martial art not only for exercise but to help me with focus (I have ADD). Maybe it was all those Starman and Japanese monster movies I watched growing up, but I’ve always been fascinated with martial arts. When done by a pro, it is beauty in motion.

However, I’m not sure which one I should choose. I can’t do anything that will be too hard on my back and I can’t do anything too slow because I’m just too impatient. 🙂

I talked with one martial arts expert whom I interviewed for a book I’m writing on public speaking and he suggested I look into Aikido, Chinese Kung Fu or Tai Chi. Aikido looks fun, but I could get hurt if someone throws me to the floor, which I know will happen a lot! Chinese Kung Fu is beautiful to watch but I’m afraid that the total lack of grace I’ve demonstrated when doing my kickboxing workout would make that a laughable adventure. And Tai Chi looks way too slow.

What do you think? Maybe I should give them a go anyway. Do you have any suggestions?

Here are some videos of the three forms I found on YouTube:

Chinese Kung Fu
Tai Chi

Sore, Tired But Feeling Stronger


Posted by Carma | Posted in Emotions, Exercise | Posted on 29-05-2010

Weight: 226.5

We’re now down to the wire in moving out of the old apartment … three days left to clear and clean it out. I’ve been lugging heavy boxes down stairs, to the house, to the storage and have the bruises on my forearms to prove it!

My muscles hurt and I’m looking forward to taking a day off and vegging.

That said, I’m feeling quite strong and energetic for the amount of lugging, hauling, lifting and such (in 90 degree weather, I might add) I’m doing.

Just a couple of months ago, I would not have been able to do this. I would have been huffing and puffing at least twice as much as I am now. So I know that my 25+ pounds lost is making a difference.

Happy, happy good times!

PS: I’m guessing that packing and moving counts as exercise. At least that’s what I’m going to say. 🙂