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Carma Recommends the I Create My Body Program » Mindset

Holiday Bounce Back


Posted by Carma | Posted in Food, Mindset, Progress | Posted on 04-07-2011

Carma's FamilyLast weekend my parents came down to Long Beach to visit. This meant quite a bit of eating out. But the I Create My Body program still helped me. Between Friday night and Sunday morning, I had gained 4 lbs. But by Friday, not only were those 4 lbs. gone … so were the remaining 1.5 I had set as my goal.

Put another way … I gained less than I could have considering how many times I ate out over the three days …. and between Monday and Friday, I lost 5.5 lbs.!

Again, I didn’t diet.

This was what I noticed over the week:

1) I had a less of a desire to binge while at a restaurant than I have had in the past. I ate sensibly and took home leftovers. Frankly, I just don’t feel right eating when I’m not hungry any more and I no longer have the “food lack” mentality I’ve had for much of my life. The wonderful tasting food will always be there … I don’t have to eat it NOW.

2) After my parents had left, I was less hungry than before. So less food satisfied me. It was like my body was trying to pull me back toward my goal, rather than just continue expanding like before.

This is what continues to blow my mind about this program. Cravings I’ve had all my life are nearly … if not completely … gone. I feel totally satisfied on less food. My former desire to eat things now because they might not be there tomorrow (because someone else will eat them) is non-existent. I now eat what I need and am satisfied.

I can’t imagine that there’s a diet pill out there that can do that!

I Create My Body is DA BOMB!

Why Fad Diets Work Well for Some, but Not Others


Posted by Carma | Posted in Food, Mindset | Posted on 30-07-2010

Why Fad Diets Work Well for Some, but Not OthersI’m a bit of a geek and trained as a science writer, so I subscribe to a number of science news and information newsletters. The other day this story from the Genetics Society of America came across my email box and I thought I’d share the gist of it with you.

Recent research, reported in the July 2010 issue of Genetics, shows that genes interacting with diet, rather than diet alone, are the main cause of variation in metabolic traits, such as body weight.

What does this mean? Well, it means that it is not just what you eat, but how your body interacts with what you eat that affects your ability to maintain your body weight. It also explains why some diets work better for some people than others.

The bottom line: This study strongly suggests that some individuals can achieve benefits from altering their dietary habits, while the same changes for others will have virtually no effect.

So, remember that fad diet you tried that worked great for your friend but not for you … it doesn’t mean you did something wrong. It just means that the diet wasn’t right for you and your individual genetic make up.

Now, this research was conducted using fruit flies … so the findings are not conclusive for humans. But it does point in a very interesting direction. There has been talk of tailoring medication to one’s genetic make up. The findings of this study suggest that diets could also be much more successful when tailored to an individual’s genes rather than to physical appearance, as well.

“Each person has a unique set of genetic and environmental factors contributing to his or her metabolic health,” said Laura K. Reed, Ph.D, a researcher from the Department of Genetics at North Carolina State University, the lead investigator in the work, “and as a society, we should stop looking for a panacea and start accepting that this is a complex problem that may have a different solution for each individual.”

What I find also interesting is how this research intersects with the I Create My Body program. You see, your body intuitively knows what’s good for you. When you participate in this program, you help your mind listen to your body, which means you will be more inclined to eat the foods that your body needs to loose and eventually maintain an healthy body weight. Basically, this program helps your mind and body work together to create your ideal body.

Deep Thoughts


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 26-07-2010

Weight: 224.2
WiiFit Age: 21
Waist: 37.5

Sometimes, when I’m feeling uninspired, I look up a few quotes and re-kindle the inspiration. Today, I was at a loss for what to write about, so I looked up some “Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes” and look what I found:

“You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.”
David Viscott

This is kind of like keeping your eyes on the prize. Keep in mind your goal, feel and experience your goal as if it already exists and the universe will make sure it comes to you. In the case of weight loss, focus on your goal weight. See yourself in your skinny clothes. Feel yourself filled with energy.

“You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.”
Lee Iacocca

When you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, like I have, you have to persevere … remaining firm in your belief that you can do this. There will be times when things seem to slow down, but they’ll pick up again. The body does that sort of thing as it adjusts to its new set point.

“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.”
Mark Twain

Negative thinking, including the negative thoughts you have about your body, is a habit like all others. You have to focus on positive thoughts about your body. Keep coming back to them over and over until thinking positively about your body overrides your once bad habit.

“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.”
Julius Erving

I know it sounds trite, but your body really is your temple. It is what you live in day after day. The better you treat it … the better you take care of it … the better quality of life that it will give you in return.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”

This what is at the heart of the I Create My Body program. You are re-programming your mind so that it supports you rather than undermines you. Become the master of your life … change your mind, change your body, change your life.

My Pants Are Getting Longer


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 10-07-2010

One of the ways I can tell that I’m getting thinner is that my pants get longer. You see, I carry much of my excess weight in my butt. So, as it gets smaller, my pants get longer.

In fact, I’ve been tripping over my favorite pant legs for several days now. They are charcoal gray, drawstring pajama pants, so I have to tie the string and then roll the waist up so I don’t trip.

Pretty cool, eh?

All this delicious goodness of getting thinner and healthier “just” from changing the way I think about my body … and the subconscious does the rest. How cool is that?

Busy, Busy, Busy


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 08-07-2010

food cravingsWeight: 226.2
WiiFit Age: 21

I’ve recently been blessed with a bunch of client work, so I haven’t really had time to post. Then, for the past few days I’ve had a horrible sinus headache on the left side. In fact, I was feeling so crappy yesterday I barely ate breakfast and skipped lunch all together! I just wasn’t hungry.

Anyway, I’ve started taking my decongestant twice a day and today I feel much better. Still slightly loopy from the medication, but my face doesn’t hurt any more. Yeah!

All that said, I’m feeling more fit and have more energy. Food cravings that used to plague me have “mysteriously” disappeared. In fact, I have a much lower tolerance for sweet foods than I did before I started the I Create My Body program, which makes things a lot easier.

Well, I really just wanted to touch base. Gotta get back to work!

Look for the Lemonade


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 14-06-2010

Weight: 227.3
WiiFit Age: 26

I subscribe to an inspirational newsletter called “Motivational Nuggets” from Carolyn McCormick. I think it’s daily, but it could be weekly.

Any way, today’s quote was:

“You are fortunate if you have learned the difference between temporary defeat and failure; more fortunate still, if you have learned the truth that the very seed of success is dormant in every defeat that you experience.”
– Napoleon Hill

This quote really hit home for me. In case you haven’t noticed, my weight has been pretty stable the last few weeks. I haven’t been loosing and I’ve been a little bummed about it.

That said, I’m not looking at this plateau as a failure, but more of a “temporary defeat” … if even that. In fact, the plateau could very well hold the “seed of success” for my goal to reach 143lbs.

Think of it this way:

  • My body could be resetting the set point to a lower point. It is easier for the body to do that in smaller increments. So this is just a resting stop on my releasing weight journey.
  • My body could be building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you lose fat and gain muscle, you can actually be getting thinner while gaining weight.

One thing that makes me think the latter may be happening is that my waist got half an inch thinner since last week. You see, the WiiFit Plus has a place for you to record waist measurement. So last Monday I measured at 39″ … today I was 38.5″. This could be measurement error … or I could be getting thinner. I’m going to go with the latter. 🙂

So what does all this have to do with Lemonade? Well, when life throws you lemons (a weight loss plateau), make lemonade (look for the positives)!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 09-06-2010

Weight: 228.8
WiiFit Age: 29

Yesterday I put in more than an hour of exercise and I didn’t even notice because I was having so much fun! I love my WiiFit Plus!

That said, whatever you are trying to accomplish … be it weight loss, increased business, whatever … I truly believe it becomes easy if you make it fun.

I don’t know who said it, but there’s a saying that goes something like this … it’s not work if you love what you do. And so it is with everything.

One thing I like about the I Create My Body program is that it focuses on your mind … and so you can make loosing weight and achieving your ideal body fun!

Embracing the Warrior Within


Posted by Carma | Posted in Emotions, Exercise, Mindset | Posted on 08-06-2010

Weight: 228.4lbs
WiiFit Age: 31

When I first started toying around with Yoga a few years ago, I fell in love with the Warrior Pose. It started with Kathy Smith’s Personal Trainer DVD. The routine was challenging for me but I loved the way the Warrior post felt.

Later I also tried out Yoga Zone’s DVDs and eventually got Suzanne Deason’s Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD.

Each and every time I came upon the Warrior pose … in any of it’s three variations … I was smitten.

One of the yoga poses that is part of the WiiFit and WiiFit Plus programs is the Warrior II post. I make sure I do that one at least once a day.

When I am fully focused in the pose, I feel powerful … like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I feel like I am poised, I am strong, I am ready and capable to take on any challenge that comes my way.

Interestingly enough, the pose has a somewhat violent origin. It comes from scenes in as story about Shiva’s vengeance on his wife’s death. You can read about it here.

That said, as much as I’m a non-violent person, I do understand the pure physical power that can come from warrior training. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with Jack Hoban, who is both a respected martial arts practitioner and a leadership speaker. He told me about the concept of being an ethical warrior … be protector first, only resorting to violence when more peaceful tactics don’t work. Basically, “the Ethical Warrior protects and defends his life, the life of others, and all life if possible.”

Maintaining a healthy body is a holistic undertaking … requiring focus on body, mind and soul. That’s why I really like the approach taken with the I Create My Body program. It helps you cultivate the mindset that naturally and easily sets you on the path to doing all the right things for your body. Within a week or so of starting the program I already noticed a shift in my food cravings … and I hadn’t even tried to do that.

Self-Talk for Weight Loss & Management


Posted by Carma | Posted in Mindset | Posted on 06-06-2010

Weight: 231.3
WiiFit Age: 36

My husband often insists on eating dinner late. And almost every time we do I gain a pound or too. Today’s increase is due to eating dinner around 9pm last night. Erg.

One of the key components of the I Create My Body program is self talk about your weight and body. The program includes suggestions, but I I thought I’d do some online research and come up with a few of my own. I’m sharing them here so you can use them, too.

  • I lovingly accept the wonderful changes my body are going through as I create my ideal body now.
  • What I see in the mirror is rapidly becoming what I see with my mind’s eye: a beautiful, healthy, trim me!
  • Each day in every way my thoughts are creating my ideal body now.
  • I am grateful for how easy it has been to change my body by using my mind. I am a powerful creator and manifester!
  • I am creating my healthy, trim and oh so sexy body now and am happy with the great progress I’m making.
  • I love my body now. I am perfect and beautiful now and as my transforms to what it was always meant to be … health, beautiful and sexy!

Weight Confusion


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise, Mindset | Posted on 05-06-2010

Weight: 230.2lbs
WiiFit Age: 29

Yesterday we went and got our replacement Wii Balance Board. It came with the newer “game” WiiFit Plus, which is loads of fun. In fact, I tested out many of the new games last night and discovered that I still pretty much suck at balance games. Erg.

Anyway, this morning I did a little experiment and weighed myself on both the scale I’d been using for the past week or so and the WiiFit.

The demon-possessed scale still says I weigh 229lbs, just as it has been saying since Tuesday morning.

The WiiFit, as you can see from above, says that I gained .7lbs from my last logged weight and weigh 230.2lbs. As mentioned earlier, I switched to using the “Other” mode which neither adds nor subtracts from the weight.

Now there there are a couple of ways I can look at this:

1. I can pay attention to what the scale said and focus on the loss and regaining of 3lbs during this two-week break.

2. I can pay attention to what the WiiFit says and focus on the fact that in two weeks of moving and having to eat out, I pretty much maintained my weight and only gained a little over half a pound.

I’m choosing option 2. Option 1 is too dependent on a possessed scale and is more pessimistic. I choose to focus on the good things so I can have more of them.

Besides, with all the heavy lifting I’ve been doing it is quite possible that the weight gain was in muscle!

That said, the WiiFit Plus has a place where I can record my waist measurement. So, I’m going to go dig up my measuring tape and start recording that measurement at regular intervals, either weekly, bimonthly or monthly.

Do you measure? How often?