Walking at a different time


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Yesterday, the temperature dropped enough that I went for both a morning and afternoon walk.

It is amazing how different the neighborhood looks in the afternoon.

In the morning, I see a lot of cats, doves and pigeons. In the afternoon, mostly sparrows.

In the morning, there are very few people (I’m usually walking around 7am). In the afternoon, many a front porch sported one or more people taking in the lovely day.

Also, when I walk, I usually have my mp3 player on. This time I brought my husband … I thought it would be rude to put on the headphones with him there. 😉 So the feeling of the walk was different, too. I spent some of the time pointing out the things that I usually saw. And he spent some of the time commenting on the things he noticed about our neighborhood … things I hadn’t thought about.

It made for an interesting walk.

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