Yep, It is the carpet


Posted by Carma | Posted in Exercise | Posted on 24-05-2010 | See all posts

Weight: 229.5
WiiFit Age: 28

I did a little experiment this morning. You see, I just moved from a condo with a tile floor to an apartment with carpeting. I’ve found that since I moved here, my Body Test scores on the WiiFit have dropped. So, I decided to see what would happen if I removed the leg risers that are there to help when you’re using the balance board on carpet.

Without the legs, it said I had lost 4lbs since yesterday.

That didn’t seem right, so I tried it again. Yep, 4lbs.

So I put the legs back on and sure enough, even after three tries … my weight hasn’t changed. Weird, huh?

Anyway, all this moving from one apartment to the other … I’m still packing at the old place and bringing stuff over … has kind of thrown off my exercise schedule and even my mindset.

I think I’ll re-read the lessons again.

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