Self-Talk for Weight Loss & Management


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Weight: 231.3
WiiFit Age: 36

My husband often insists on eating dinner late. And almost every time we do I gain a pound or too. Today’s increase is due to eating dinner around 9pm last night. Erg.

One of the key components of the I Create My Body program is self talk about your weight and body. The program includes suggestions, but I I thought I’d do some online research and come up with a few of my own. I’m sharing them here so you can use them, too.

  • I lovingly accept the wonderful changes my body are going through as I create my ideal body now.
  • What I see in the mirror is rapidly becoming what I see with my mind’s eye: a beautiful, healthy, trim me!
  • Each day in every way my thoughts are creating my ideal body now.
  • I am grateful for how easy it has been to change my body by using my mind. I am a powerful creator and manifester!
  • I am creating my healthy, trim and oh so sexy body now and am happy with the great progress I’m making.
  • I love my body now. I am perfect and beautiful now and as my transforms to what it was always meant to be … health, beautiful and sexy!
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