Reaching the Half-Way Point


Posted by Carma | Posted in Progress | Posted on 18-06-2011 | See all posts

half way thereI’m so happy now that I’ve passed the halfway point in my weight loss journey. The last remaining 40+ lbs feel like a piece of cake. And even though I’ve been on this I Create My Body journey for a year now, it still amazes me that I keep losing weight without consciously going on a diet. I just keep working on my mindset and my body tells me what to do.

I think that’s been the biggest lesson so far … how to listen to my body. When I want to have a cookie, I’m now able to listen and understand do I want that cookie because I’m looking for comfort? Or do I want that cookie because I crave the flavor experience?

Also, it has been easier and easier to resist emotional eating. In fact, I hardly crave foods for emotional reasons any more (except in January/February when my father died). And food is no longer my only thought when I want to celebrate. I’ve created equally pleasurable things to do … like dying my hair auburn!

For me, the I Create My Body program is so much more than a way to lose weight. It has been a way to discover the power of my mind in many areas of my life, and it has been a way to better get to know my body and its real wants and needs.

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