Re-Committing to My Goal


Posted by Carma | Posted in Progress | Posted on 30-07-2014

Ooops!OK, its been awhile since I’ve been on the I Create My Body Program and I’ll admit I got derailed.

But now I am re-committed to losing those final pounds and reaching my ultimate goal weight by sometime in March 2015.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • When I’m actively implementing the I Create My Body Program I seem to have this pull, this desire to join a gym. Not so when I’m not active with the program.
  • When I’m actively implementing the I Create My Body Program I’m drawn to healthier foods, especially salads. In fact this time around I’ve invested in a NutriBullet and have been drinking green smoothies ever since! Loving it! When not on the program I drift back toward a higher meat-protein diet.

These lessons have taught be that I’m going to make creating my body a life-long commitment. I will forever hold that my body naturally and easily maintains my final goal weight (once I get there)!

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Incorporating the Lessons


Posted by Carma | Posted in Food, Mindset | Posted on 16-03-2010

Weight: 244.9
WiiFit Age: 28

As I’ve started incorporating the lessons from the I Create My Body program into my life, I’ve found my relationship to food inexplicably change.

  • I no longer crave foods just because they’re there.
  • My appetite has reduced.
  • When I do crave foods, it is often for health foods.
  • I easily say no to dessert (this is a big one for me!)
  • When I go to a buffet, I eat less and find myself being finickier about what I put on my plate.

How interesting, strange and wonderful this all is!